Traffic Barricades offers a complete line of unique, durable plastic traffic barriers suitable for a variety of different applications. From our standard folding plastic barricade, ideal for all applications to our rigid A-frame barricade system. Traffic safety barriers include Type II, Type III, breakaway barricade systems and modular barricade systems. Whatever your application, we have the traffic barrier to meet your barricade needs. Traffic barricades are a type of barricade that can be fitted with flashing lights and used to block excavations or road construction or for other safety-related or traffic safety purposes. While they use to be made of wood, now they are primarily made of plastic or composite materials. There are many types of traffic barricades. The A-frame barricade or parade barricade resembles a sawhorse with a brightly painted top rail. A Type I barricade indicates sheeting on top. A Type II barricade has sheeting on the top and bottom. A Type III barricade has multiple rails supported by two end posts with feet. Vertical panel barricades can be used in crosswalks or parking lots and come with pre-printed or custom messages.