Safety and Road Lights

These safety light sticks are great for law enforcement, DOT, military, public safety, paramedics, campers, hikers, scouts, utility companies, hotels, schools, boaters, and emergency kits. Available in 8 & 12 Hour, 30-Minute High Intensity, and 5-Minute Ultra Intensity. Use this light stick in place of, or in conjunction with the traditional pyrotechnic road flare. With many regions of the country in a severe drought stage and with several areas being prone to wild fires this safety light stick is an ideal solution when emergency signal lights are required. It eliminates the added risk of accidental fires or contamination to water. These light sticks do NOT produce heat, spark or flame. This makes the product ideal for use at all low light/nighttime emergencies. These light sticks can be hand held as a traffic wand or a signaling device. This product is packaged with metal bipod stands. Accident Scene - safe and easy to use - visible up to one mile - no smoke, no flame Traffic Checkpoint - establish lanes - increase officer safety - highly visible Landing Zone - mark perimeter - establish runway Search/Rescue - trail marking - evidence marking - personal identification Hurricane/Emergency - safer than candles - more reliable than battery operated flashlights