Manhole Equipment

We offer the confined space equipment you need to keep safe, including manhole cover removal tools, manhole rings and manhole lifts & rescue devices. Our selection of safety supplies will help you get the job done safely. A manhole or utility conduit is the top opening to an underground area or pipe either used to house an access point for making connections to wiring, inspecting pipes or making valve adjustments. A lot of public utility services such as sewers, telephone or electricity services are accessed via manhole covers.

These utility closings are protected by a manhole cover, which prevent accidental or unauthorized access to the manhole. These covers are most often made of metal, or some other composite material that is strong and can be secured. The access openings are usually round in shape to prevent the cover from falling into the hole. Manhole cover lifts help you take the cover off a manhole conduit. Manhole cover protector rings are used during construction to create a cost effective solution to prevent motor vehicle damage. The protector rings eliminate the need for cold patching and offer a fast, simple installation as well as a grip tight design. In construction areas these lifts help provide for smooth riding and are reusable and stackable for storage.

Manhole safety devices allow you to create a safe work zone when working in or around a manhole. The protective devices are made of bright yellow and create a safety zone for working below ground, notifying drivers that there may be workers where they can't see them. These protective devices also have integrated lifts that allow you to lower or hoist heavy materials into the manhole.