Jersey & Concrete Barriers jersey barriers are traffic control devices sold at wholesale prices that can be used like a solid jersey barrier system. Our water filled and concrete jersey barriers can be used for road closures, security, work zones and many other applications. Our Water Filled Jersey Barrier is a multi-purpose use item that can result in substantial cost savings and can save on storage space.

Small jobs or short-term projects that could never justify the use of concrete can achieve the same level of safety with our water filled jersey barriers. Their bright orange and white colors make these barriers easily noticed by motorists. The water ballast reduces the amount of damage during impact and they don't require heavy trucks or cranes to move them. When filled with water, the units will not shift out of position. With antifreeze, these water filled barriers can be used in freezing temperatures.

Our water walls can be used as a longitudinal barricade along a job site, on a highway, or for an event. All our water walls can be extended and connected with special pins that are included and either metal or plastic fencing can be added. They stack for storage and transportation, can pivot 30 degrees and be locked together. They also come with tamper resistant corner offset drain plugs and can be used in freezing environments by mixing water with anti-freeze.