Traffic Cones, Signs, Barriers, Vests, Safety and Traffic Control Products at Wholesale Prices

Select from a complete array of innovative traffic cones, signs or barriers to redirect your traffic flow. Add barricade lights, channelizers or caution tape to mark off areas during the day or at night. For traffic flow use our jersey barriers, incident management signs or traffic barricades to provide safety and security.

Traffic Safety Cones Sale Water Filled Barrier Sale barricades on sale

Traffic Safety Cones and Barriers On Sale

36 Non-Reflective Black/Orange Vinyl Roll-Up Road Traffic Sign
Regular price: $88.73
Sale price: $59.15
TrafFix Roll-Up Sign Stand, Step-N-Drop w/Latch Bracket
Regular price: $173.14
Sale price: $115.43
Round Boomerang Surface Mount Reboundable Delineator 2.25" Dia
Regular price: $36.00
Sale price: $24.00
42" Looper Tube w/ 12 lb. Rubber Base
Regular price: $30.36
Sale price: $20.24
42" Looper Cone w/ 16 lb. Rubber Base
Regular price: $39.98
Sale price: $26.65
42 Grabber Cone, Orange w/16 lbs Rubber Base
Regular price: $38.03
Sale price: $25.35
Delineators18" Color Traffic Cones
Regular price: $19.41
Sale price: $12.94
28" Orange Trim Line Traffic Cones
Regular price: $24.19
Sale price: $16.13
28" Color Traffic Cones
Regular price: $32.16
Sale price: $21.44
36" Enviro-Cone
Regular price: $30.56
Sale price: $20.38
36" Orange Heavy Duty Traffic Cone-12 lb
Regular price: $46.41
Sale price: $30.94
28" Grabber Cone  w/ 10 lb. or 16 lb. Base
Regular price: $28.76
Sale price: $19.18
42 Grabber Cone, Orange w/ 30 lbs Rubber Base
Regular price: $55.82
Sale price: $37.21
42" Grabber Tube w/ 12 lb Rubber base
Regular price: $35.10
Sale price: $23.40

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Traffic Cones: traffic cones are expertly crafted using the highest quality materials and are backed by a quality guarantee. With their reinforced handle design, these safety cones can support the weight of stacked traffic cones and bases and prevent them from sticking together when stacked.

Traffic Barriers:

Choose from our wide selection of traffic barriers such as plastic barricade rails, A-cade barricades or Type II and Type III barricades. Of for other traffic safety needs utilize vertical panel barricades or plastic folding barricades equipped with traffic barricade lights or select from a wide variety of traffic cones. The flexible yet durable barricade plastic rails are made of impact resistant polyethylene to withstand rough treatment.

Traffic Signs and Stands:

Our traffic signs and stands include roll-up construction signs, sign stands and assembly options like brackets and flags. Our roll-up construction signs come in a variety of different materials and legends. Our wide selection of sign stands enable you to pick the style that meets your needs, from windy applications to compact and portable models.

Incident Management

Highway incident management and emergency traffic control guidelines have changed with additional traffic on roads and highways and an increasing number of emergency personnel responding to an increasing number of highway incidents. In order to protect emergency response personnel at the scene of an incident and protect the motoring public from secondary crashes, police and fire departments are using our wide selection of incident management and traffic control products to help them improve traffic flow around an incident.

Traffic Supplies:

Tired of drum tops and bases that don't fit, snap or stay together? We have the solution...the largest selection of channelizer drum bases in the industry. Our unique grabber cones and looper tubes are versatile, strong and easy to use. Every aspect of these traffic safety products has been carefully thought out, from the unique handle designs, the durable low density polyethylene material, the smooth integration of components to the multiple applications you can create.

Traffic Products Tested to Meet NCHRP-350 Requirements:

Many of our traffic safety products have been tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

Traffic Safety

Our wide selection of traffic control products including marking tape, jersey barriers, traffic safety vests and all our other traffic safety products meet the unique needs of the many industries including the construction and safety industries. Use them for parades and crowd control, narrow work areas, water or flood control, lane closures, tree trimming, to channelize or delineate traffic, barricade construction work zones, manage vehicular or pedestrian traffic control, parking lot traffic control, striping or resurfacing and many other uses. is a division of Twin Discovery Systems, Inc.
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